The A516RW is 5W Single & Dual Output DC/DC Converters made by MicroPower Direct.
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A500RW Series Wide Input Range 5W Single Dual Output DC DC Converters Electrical Speci cations Speci cations typical 25 C nominal input voltage rated output current unless otherwise noted Speci cations subject to change without notice Key Features 5W Output Power EN 60950 Approved UL 2 1 Input Voltage Range 1 500 VDC Isolation Meets EN55022 Class A Compact DIP Case Single Dual Outputs 1 0 MH MTBF Industry Standard Pin Out Input Parameter Input Start Voltage Input Filter Reverse Polarity Input Current Short Circuit Input Power Output Parameter Output Voltage Accuracy Output Voltage Balance Line Regulation Load Regulation Ripple Noise 20 MHz Ripple Noise 20 MHz Ripple Noise 20 MHz Output Power Protection Transient Recovery Time See Note 2 Transient Response Deviation Temperature Coef cient Output Short Circuit General Parameter Isolation Voltage Isolation Resistance Isolation Capacitance Switching Frequency Environmental Parameter Operating Temperature Range Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Cooling Humidity RFI Conducted EMI Physical Case Size Case Material Weight Reliability Speci cations Parameter MTBF Safety Standards Safety Approvals Absolute Maximum Rat

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Manufacturers : MicroPower Direct



5W Single & Dual Output DC/DC Converters

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