The 6DI15S-050 is TRANSISTOR made by Fuji Semiconductors.
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6DI15S 050 15A Features High DC Current Gain High Speed Switching Including Eree Wheeling Diode Insulated Type FUJI POWER TRANSISTOR MODULE Outline Drawings Applications Power Switching AC Motor Controls DC Motor Controls Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit mm Maximum ratings and characteristic Absolute maximum ratings Tc 25 C unless otherwise specified Item Symbol VCBO VCEO VCEO SUS VEBO IC ICP IC IB IBP PC PC Tj Tstg m Viso Mounting 1 p Equivalent Circuit Schematic V V V V A A A A A W W C C g V N m DC 1ms DC DC 1ms one Transistor six Transistors Rating 600 600 450 6 15 30 15 2 5 40 360 150 40 to 125 40 2000 1 7 Unit AC 1min Electrical characteristics Tc 25 C unless otherwise specified Item Symbol VCBO VCEO SUS VCEX SUS ICBO IEBO V CE hFE VCE Sat VBE Sat ton tstg tf t rr Test Conditions ICBO 1mA IC 1A IC 15A IB 0 5A VEB 6V VCBO 600V VEBO 6V IC 15A IC 15A VCE 5V IC 15A IB 0 5A IC 15A RL 20 IB1 0 5A PW 50 s IB2 0 5A VCE 300V Ic 15A VBE 6V di dt 50A s Di n o c s t e u n i d d o r p t c u Min 600 450 500 Typ Max Units V V V mA mA V V V s s s s 1 0 200 1 5 100 2 0 2 5 1 0 12 0 2 0 0 4 Thermal characteristics Item Symbol Rth j c Rth j c Rth c f Test C

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Manufacturers : Fuji Semiconductors

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