The 5335S is Single Color 5 Round Shape Type made by STANLEY ELECTRIC.
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5335S Series Features Package 5 Round shape type EBG BG EPG PG Green Diffused epoxy EPY PY EAY AY Yellow Diffused epoxy EAA AA Orange Diffused epoxy EVR VR EBR BR PR Red Diffused epoxy Product features Outer Dimension 5 Round shape type Operation temperature range Storage Temperature 30 100 Operating Temperature 30 85 Lead free soldering compatible RoHS compliant Green 558nm EBG BG 567nm EPG PG Yellow Green 572nm EPY PY Yellow 590nm EAY AY Orange 606nm EAA AA Red 624nm EVR VR 647nm EBR BR 630nm PR EBG BG EPG PG EPY PY EAA AA PR 44 deg EAY AY EVR VR EBR BR 42 deg Single Color 5 Round Shape Type Dominant wavelength Half Intensity Angle Die materials Rank grouping parameter Soldering methods ESD Packing www EBG BG EPG PG EPY PY PR GaP EAY AY EAA AA EVR VR GaAsP BR BR GaAlAs Sorted by luminous intensity per rank taping TTW Through The Wave soldering and manual soldering More than 2kV HBM Bulk 200pcs MIN Recommended Applications Amusement Equipment Electric Household Appliances OA FA Other General Applications 2006 7 31 Page 1 5335S Series Single Color 5 Round Shape Type Color and Luminous Intensity Emitted Color Lens Color Dominant Wa

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Single Color 5 Round Shape Type

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