The 2SC3803 is High Frequency Amplifier Applications made by Kexin.
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SMD Type Transistors High Frequency Amplifier Applications 2SC3803 Features High Transition Frequency fT 200MHz typ Low Collector Output Capacitance Cob 3 5pF typ Complementary to 2SA1483 Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta 25 Parameter Collector Base Voltage Collector Emitter Voltage Emitter Base Voltage Collector Current Base Current Collector Power Dissipation Jumction temperature Storage temperature Range Mounted on a ceramic substrate 250 mm x 0 8t 2 Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO IC IB PC PC Tj Tstg Rating 60 45 5 200 50 500 1 0 150 55 to 150 Unit V V V mA mA mW W Electrical Characteristics Ta 25 Parameter Collector Cut off Current Emitter Cut off Current DC Current Gain Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage Base Emitter Saturation Voltage Transition Frequency Input Impedance real part Collector Output Capacitance Turn On Time Storage Time Fall Time Symbol ICBO IEBO hFE Testconditons VCB 45V IE 0 VEB 5V IC 0 VCE 1V IC 10mA VCE 3V IC 200mA VCE sat IC 100mA IB 10mA VBE sat IC 100mA IB 10mA fT Re hie Cob ton tstg tf See Test Circuit VCE 10V IC 10mA VCB 10V IE 10mA f 200MHz VCB 10V IE 0 f 1MHz 3 5 40 250 30 100 200 120 5 pF ns ns ns 40 20 0 3 1 V V MHz Min Typ Max 0 1 0 1 240 Uni

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Q: What is a voltage amplifier, and how does it work?
A: A voltage amplifier is an electronic circuit that increases the amplitude of an input voltage signal. It does this by using active or passive components to amplify the input signal, making it stronger and increasing its voltage level. The output voltage of the amplifier is proportional to the input voltage, and the amplification factor is determined by the circuit design.

Q: What are the types of voltage amplifiers?
A: There are many types of voltage amplifiers, including operational amplifiers (op-amps), transistor amplifiers, vacuum tube amplifiers, and integrated circuit (IC) amplifiers. Each type of amplifier has its unique design and application.

Q: What is the gain of a voltage amplifier?
A: The gain of a voltage amplifier is the ratio of the output voltage to the input voltage. It is typically expressed in decibels (dB) or as a numeric ratio.

Q: What is the frequency response of a voltage amplifier?
A: The frequency response of a voltage amplifier is the range of frequencies that the amplifier can amplify without significant distortion or attenuation. It is determined by the circuit design and the characteristics of the active and passive components used.

Manufacturers : Kexin

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High Frequency Amplifier Applications

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