The 2MBI600U2E-060 is IGBT Module made by Fuji Electric.
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2MBI600U2E 060 IGBT Module U Series 600V 600A 2 in one package 2 Equivalent circuEit quivalent Circuit Schematic Features High speed switching Voltage drive Low inductance module structure Applications Inverter for Motor drive AC and DC Servo drive amplifier Uninterruptible power supply Industrial machines such as Welding machines Maximum ratings and characteristics Absolute maximum ratings at Tc 25 C unless otherwise specified Item Symbol Conditions Collector Emitter voltage VCES Gate Emitter voltage Collector current VGES IC ICp Continuous 1ms IC Collector Power Dissipation IC pulse PC 1 device Junction temperature Tj Storage temperature Tstg Isolation voltage between terminal and copper base 1 Viso AC 1min Screw Torque Mounting 2 Terminals 2 1 All terminals should be connected together when isolation test will be done 2 Recommendable value Mounting 2 5 to 3 5N m M5 or M6 Terminal 3 5 to 4 5 N m M6 Rating 650 20 600 1200 600 1200 2400 150 40 to 125 2500 3 5 4 5 Electrical characteristics at Tj 25 C unless otherwise specified Item Symbols Conditions Characteristics Zero gate voltage collector current Gate Emitter leakage current Gate Emitter threshold voltage Collector Em

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An IGBT consists of a P-N-P-N structure with an insulated gate, which is used to control the flow of current between the emitter and collector terminals. When a positive voltage is applied to the gate terminal, it creates a conducting channel between the emitter and collector, allowing current to flow. When the gate voltage is removed, the channel is turned off, and the IGBT becomes an open switch. These advantages include high voltage and current handling capability, fast switching speed, low switching losses, and low on-state resistance.

Manufacturers : Fuji Electric

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IGBT Module

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