The 211SED012 is FBR211SED012 made by Fujitsu Media Devices Limited.
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www MINIATURE RELAY 1 POLE 1 to 2 A FOR SIGNAL SWITCHING FBR211 SERIES s FEATURES q q q q q q q 2 A maximum carrying current Capable of 2 A maximum continuous carrying current in the contact Superior reliability gold overlay contacts P type Gold overlay silver palladium contacts International terminal pitch of one inch grid terminal layout High sensitivity low power dissipation types also available Standard types 0 45 W A or B type High sensitivity types 0 2 W C or E type Conforms to FCC 68 302 high dielectric strength type UL recognized File number E63615 CSA recognized File number LR64026 s ORDERING INFORMATION Example a b FBR211 S A a b c D012 d U P e f FBR211 2 g CSA h Series Name Enclosure S Flux free type N Plastic sealed type A Standard A type nominal power 0 45 W type B Standard B type C High sensitivity C type nominal power 0 2 W type E High sensitivity E type c Coil Power and Schematics d e f Nominal Voltage UL Standard Contact Material Example D003 3 VDC D012 12 VDC refer to the COIL DATA CHART Nil Standard U UL114 recognized P Gold overlay silver palladium M Gold overlay silver Nil Standard 2 High dielectric strength type

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Manufacturers : Fujitsu Media Devices Limited

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