G4PF50W PDF – Vces=900V, IGBT – IRG4PF50W, IR

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is G4PF50W.

This product has IRG4PF50W functions.

Manufacturers of product is International Rectifier.

Image and pinout :

G4PF50W datasheet pinout



G4PF50W PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file


1. Optimized for use in Welding and Switch-Mode Power Supply applications
2. Industry benchmark switching losses improve efficiency of all power supply topologies
3. 50% reduction of Eoff parameter
4. Low IGBT conduction losses
5. Latest technology IGBT design offers tighter parameter distribution coupled with exceptional reliability



1. Lower switching losses allow more cost-effective operation and hence efficient replacement of largerdie
MOSFETs up to 100kHz

2. Of particular benefit in single-ended converters and Power Supplies 150W and higher

3. Reduction in critical Eoff parameter due to minimal minority-carrier recombination coupled with low onstate losses allow maximum flexibility in device application


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