FM6316FE PDF – 1A Power Management IC

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is FM6316FE.

This product has 1A dedicated mobile power management IC functions.

Manufacturers of product is SHENZHEN FUMAN ELECTRONICS.

Image and pinout :

FM6316FE pinout



Some of the text files within the PDF file

FM6316FE is a portable power management IC used in mobile power supplies that integrates lithium battery charge management, DC-DC boost, and load sensing functions. FM6316F integrates the entire charging process, including trickle charging, constant current charging and constant voltage charging, and includes charging process and charging end status indicators. A constant charging current is programmed via an external resistor. The system turns off output discharge during charging. road; When external input power is removed, the FM6316 supplies power to external devices from the battery. If the approach of an external device is not detected, the system enters a standby state, and the standby current of the entire system is 16uA. FM6316FE has various protection designs, including anti-backflow protection during charging, soft start protection, overheating and undervoltage protection. [ … ]


1. Simple peripheral circuit

2.Built-in charging and turning light function

3. No-load detection shut-off function

4. Standby current 16uA

5. Trickle/constant current/constant voltage three-stage charging

6. Charging current value can be externally programmed

Please refer to the file for details.

FM6316FE PDF Datasheet