DRV8701 Datasheet – DC Motor Gate Driver

This post describes for the semiconductor DRV8701.

The function of this semiconductor is Brushed DC Motor Full-Bridge Gate Driver.

The manufacturer of this parts is Texas Instruments.

The package type is VQFN (RGE) 24 16 mm² 4 x 4.

See the preview image and the DRV8701 Datasheet PDF file for more information.

DRV8701 datasheet motor driver


DRV8701 is a single H-bridge gate driver that uses four external N-channel MOSFETs targeted to drive a 12-V to 24-V bidirectional brushed DC motor.

A PH/EN (DRV8701E) or PWM (DRV8701P) interface allows simple interfacing to controller circuits. An internal sense amplifier allows for adjustable current control. The gate driver includes circuitry to regulate the winding current using fixed off-time PWM current chopping.

The DRV8701 is an integrated motor driver IC manufactured by Texas Instruments. They are specifically designed to drive brushed DC motors, brushed stepper motors, and other inductive loads in a variety of applications such as robotics, industrial automation, and automotive systems.

They typically feature an H-bridge configuration and allow bi-directional control of the motor with forward, reverse, coast and brake functions. Integrates the power MOSFETs required to drive the motor, reducing external component count and simplifying motor control circuit design.

Supports pulse width modulation (PWM) control to change motor speed and torque.

DRV8701 pinouts


1. Single H-Bridge Gate Driver
(1) Drives Four External N-Channel MOSFETs
(2) Supports 100% PWM Duty Cycle

2. 5.9-V to 45-V Operating Supply Voltage Range

3. Two Control Interface Options
(1) PH/EN (DRV8701E)
(2) PWM (DRV8701P)

4. Adjustable Gate Drive (5 Levels)

(1) 6-mA to 150-mA Source Current

(2) 12.5-mA to 300-mA Sink Current

5. Supports 1.8-V, 3.3-V, and 5-V Logic Inputs

6. Current Shunt Amplifier (20 V/V)



1. Industrial Brushed-DC Motors

2. Robotics

3. Industrial Pumps and Valves

4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

DRV8701 Datasheet