C2012JB1A336M125AC – 33uF, 10VDC, Chip Capacitor

This post describes for the Capacitor C2012JB1A336M125AC.

The function of this semiconductor is Ceramic Chip Capacitor.

The package is 2012 Chip type.

The manufacturer of this component is TDK.

See the preview image and the Datasheet PDF file for more information.

C2012JB1A336M125AC datasheet


C2012JB1A336M125AC is 33uF, 10VDC, Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor. General type C series is a surface-mounted component, which multilayer dielectrics and inner electrodes are stacked alternately. The monolithic structure ensures superior mechanical strength and high reliability. Also, outstanding frequency characteristics such as low ESR and low ESL are provided owing to the simpler structure than other capacitors.

C2012JB1A336M125AC capacitor


• Superior mechanical strength and high reliability due to the monolithic structure

• Outstanding frequency characteristics such as low ESR and low ESL by the simple structure

• Low self-heating value and high resistance to ripple on account of the low ESR

• No polarity


1. Length(L): 2.00mm ±0.20mm

2. Width(W): 1.25mm ±0.20mm

3. Thickness(T): 1.25mm ±0.20mm

4. Terminal Width(B): 0.20mm Min.

5. Terminal Spacing(G): 0.50mm Min.

Electrical Characteristics

1. Capacitance: 33μF ±20%

2. Rated Voltage: 10VDC

3. Temperature Characteristic: JB(±10%)

4. Dissipation Factor (Max.): 10%

5. Insulation Resistance (Min.): 3MΩ


• General electronic equipment

• Mobile devices

• Servers, PCs, tablets

• Power supply circuit

C2012JB1A336M125AC Datasheet