ALC3236 Datasheet – Audio Codec IC

ALC3236 learn more.

This product has 2+2 Ch, HD Audio CODEC functions.

This is one of Audio Codec IC. This part name is ALC3236.

The package is QFN48.

Manufacturers of the product is Realtek.

Image :

ALC3236 datasheet

Description :

ALC3236 is a highly integration of audio subsystem chip, including two stereo DACs with 100dB SNR, one stereo ADC with 94dB SNR, stereo Class-D speaker amplifiers provides 1.5W per channel into 8Ω or 2.5W per channel into 4Ω with a 5V supply with excellent PSRR and low EMI, a mono differential earpiece amplifier is also provided, providing output from any DAC or Analog-in. The ALC3236 features an extra low power cap-free headphone amplifier. It consumes only less than 10mW power during playback, providing tablet system longer battery life under headphone listening mode.

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