This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is STA540SA.

This product has 4 x 10W DUAL/QUAD POWER AMPLIFIER functions.

Manufacturers of product is STMicroelectronics.

Image and pinout :

STA540SA datasheet pinout


STA540SA PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file

STA540SA 4 x 10W DUAL/QUAD POWER AMPLIFIER TARGET SPECIFICATIONS 1 ■ FEATURES HIGH OUTPUT POWER CAPABILITY – 4 x 9W / 2Ω @12V; 1KHz; 10% – 4 x 10W / 4Ω @17V; 1KHz; 10% – 2 x 26W / 4Ω @14.4V; 1KHz; 10% – 2 x 15W / 8Ω @16V; 1KHz; 10% MINIMUM EXTERNAL COMPONENTS COUNT: – NO BOOTSTRAP CAPACITORS – NO BOUCHEROT CELLS – INTERNALLY FIXED GAIN 20dB ST-BY FUNCTION (CMOS COMPATIBLE) NO AUDIBLE POP DURING ST-BY OPERATIONS DIAGNOSTIC FACILITIES – CLIP DETECTOR – OUT TO GND SHORT – OUT TO VS SHORT – SOFT SHORT AT TURN-ON – THERMAL SHUTDOWN PROXIMITY Figure 1. Package Clipwatt 19 ■ Table 1. Order Codes Part Number STA540SA ■ Package Clipwatt 19 ■ OVERRATING CHIP TEMPERATURE WITH SOFT THERMAL LIMITER VERY INDUCTIVE LOADS ESD 3 DESCRIPTION The amplifier is a class AB Audio amplifier assembled in the Clipwatt19 package designed for high quality sound application. The STA540SA is a 4 Single ended amplifier with integrated in the devic [ … ]

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