SRD-S-112D PDF – Relay

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is SRD-S-112D.

This product has Relay functions.

Manufacturers of product is Sanyou.

Image and pinout :

SRD-S-112D datasheet pinout


SRD-S-112D PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file

SANYOU RELAYS Relays for advanced technology Miniature Power Relay SRD-Series Contact Capacity Features ● High contact capability: 12A switching capability. ● Low coil power consumption, low price. ● Microminiature relay, standard PCB terminal. Safety Approval UL,C-UL File No.:E190598 TUV File No.:R50142424 CQC File No.:CQC02001002126 VDE File No.: 40034479 Model Nominal switching capacity (res. load) Max. switching current Max. switching voltage Max. switching power SRD -DM 10A 277 VAC 15A 277 VAC 2,77 0VA SRD -D & SRD-DB 7A 250VAC 12A 250VAC 1,750VA Charateristic Data Contact material Initial contact resistance (at 6VDC 1A) Operate time (at nominal volt.) Release time (at nominal volt.) Initial insulation resistance Initial dielectric strength Vibration resistance Shock resistance Endurance (operations) Ambient temperature Unit weight Silver alloy 100mΩ Max. 8msec. Max. 5msec. Max. 100MΩ Min.(DC500V) Between open contacts: AC750V,50/60Hz 1 M i n . [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.