This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is P4NK60ZFP.

This product has STP4NK60ZFP functions.

Manufacturers of product is ST Microelectronics.

Image and pinout :

P4NK60ZFP datasheet pinout


P4NK60ZFP PDF Datasheet

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STP4NK60Z, STP4NK60ZFP N-channel 600 V, 1.7 Ω typ., 4 A Zener-protected SuperMESH™ Power MOSFETs in TO-220 and TO-220FP packages Datasheet – production data Features TAB 3 2 1 TO-220 3 2 1 TO-220FP Order codes VDS RDS(on) max. PTOT STP4NK60Z 600 V 2 Ω 70 W STP4NK60ZFP • 100% avalanche tested • Very low intrinsic capacitances • Zener-protected ID 4A Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram D(2, TAB) G(1) Applications • Switching applications


These devices are N-channel Zener-protected Power MOSFETs developed using STMicroelectronics’ SuperMESH™ technology, achieved through optimization of ST’s well established strip-based PowerMESH™ layout. In addition to a significant reduction in onresistance, this device is designed to ensure a high level of dv/dt capability for the most demanding applications. S(3) AM01476v1 Order codes STP4NK60Z STP4NK60ZFP Table 1. Device summary Marking Packages P4NK60Z P4NK60ZFP TO-220 TO-220FP Packaging Tube January 201 [ … ]

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