P10N60 PDF – SGP10N60

P10N60 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has SGP10N60 functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is P10N60.

Manufacturers of the product is Infineon Technologies Corporation.

Image and pinout :

P10N60 pdf datasheet pinout


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SGP10N60 SGB10N60, SGW10N60 Fast S-IGBT in NPT-technology C • 75% lower Eoff compared to previous generation combined with low conduction losses • Short circuit withstand time – 10 µs • Designed for: – Motor controls – Inverter • NPT-Technology for 600V applications offers: – very tight parameter distribution – high ruggedness, temperature stable behaviour – parallel switching capability G E Type SGP10N60 SGB10N60 SGW10N60 Maximum Ratings Parameter VCE 600V IC 10A VCE(sat) 2.2V Tj 150°C Package TO-220AB TO-263AB TO-247AC Ordering Code Q67041-A4710-A2 Q67041-A4710-A4 Q67040-S4234 Symbol VCE IC Value 600 21 10.9 Unit V A Collector-emitter voltage DC collector current TC = 25°C TC = 100°C Pulsed collector current, tp limited by Tjmax Turn off safe operating area VCE ≤ 600V, Tj ≤ 150°C Gate-emitter voltage Avalanche energy, single pulse IC = 10 A, VCC = 50 V, RGE = 25 Ω , start at Tj = 25°C Short circuit withstand time Power dissipat [ … ]

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P10N60 PDF Datasheet