MIC29302 PDF – 3A, High-Current Low-Dropout Regulator

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is MIC29302.

This product has (MIC29xxx) High-Current Low-Dropout Regulators functions.

Manufacturers of product is Micrel.

Image and pinout :

MIC29302 datasheet pinout


MIC29302 PDF Datasheet

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MIC29150/29300/29500/29750 High-Current Low-Dropout Regulators General


The MIC29150/29300/29500/29750 are high current, high accuracy, low-dropout voltage regulators. Using Micrel’s proprietary Super βeta PNP® process with a PNP pass element, these regulators feature 350mV to 425mV (full load) typical dropout voltages and very low ground current. Designed for high current loads, these devices also find applications in lower current, extremely low dropout-critical systems, where their tiny dropout voltage and ground current values are important attributes. The MIC29150/29300/29500/29750 are fully protected against overcurrent faults, reversed input polarity, reversed lead insertion, overtemperature operation, and positive and negative transient voltage spikes. Five pin fixed voltage versions feature logic level ON/OFF control and an error flag which signals whenever the output falls out of regulation. Flagged states include low input voltage (dropout), output current limi [ … ]

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