LM4229 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has 240 X 128 GRAPHICS LCD MODULE functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is LM4229.

Manufacturers of the product is DENSITRON INTERNATIONAL.

Image and pinout :

LM4229 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

The information disclosed herein was originated by and is the property of Densitron International. Densitron International reserves all patent, proprietary, design, use, sales, manufacturing and reproduction rights thereto. REVISIONS REV. DESCRIPTION DATE APPROVED C RELEASED ON ECN #E0495 8/5/96 MA 1. 2. 3. 4. Specification subject to change without notice. All dimensions and specifications apply to standard modules. This information may vary for modules with optional features. All dimensions are in millimeters. Precautions:These precautions apply equally to modules from all makers, not just Densitron. Violation of these guidelines may void the warranty and can cause problems ranging from erratic operation to catastrophic display failure. Handling precautions: ♦ This device is susceptible to Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) damage. Observe Anti-Static precautions. Power supply precautions: ♦ Identify and, at all times, observe absolute maximum ratings for both logic and LC dri [ … ]

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LM4229 PDF Datasheet