LA42071 PDF – (LA42051 – LA42352) Audio Output

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is LA42071.

This product has (LA42051 – LA42352) Audio Output functions.

Manufacturers of product is Sanyo Electric.

Image and pinout :

LA42071 datasheet pinout


LA42071 PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file

Ordering number : ENA0316 Monolithic Linear IC LA42152 Overview Audio Output for TV application 15W × 2ch Power Amplifier LA42152 is 15W 2-channel AF power amplifier intended for televisions. Functions • 15W × 2 channels (VCC = 16.5V, RL = 8Ω) • Standby function • Mute function • Thermal protection circuit LA42000 series is power IC which made Pin compatible altogether in 5 to 15W. They consist of four kinds of power ICs (mono, stereo, mono with volume function, stereo with volume function. They realized PCB layout communalization of an audio power block of TV). Model name LA42051 LA42052 LA42351 LA42352 LA42071 LA42072 LA42152 PO 5W 5W 5W 5W 7W 7W 15W { { { { { Channel Monaural { { { { Stereo Volume Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25°C Parameter Maximum supply voltage Allowable power dissipation Maximum junction temperature Thermal resistance Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC max Pd max Tj max θjc Topr Tstg No signal Infinite heat s [ … ]

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