KSH13005 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is KSH13005.

Manufacturers of the product is SHANTOU HUASHAN.

Image and pinout :

KSH13005 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

Shantou Huashan Electronic Devices Co.,Ltd. NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR KSH13005 ¨€ HIGH VOLTAGE SWITCH MODE APPLICICATION High Speed Switching Suitable for Switching Regulator and Montor Control ¨€ ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS£¨ Ta=25¡æ£© T stg ¡ª¡ªStorage Temperature¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡- 55~150¡æ T j ¡ª¡ªJunction Temperature¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡150¡æ PC¡ª¡ªCollector Dissipation£¨ T c=25¡æ £©¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡75W VCBO ¡ª¡ªCollector-Base Voltage¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡700V VCEO¡ª¡ªCollector-Emitter Voltage¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡400V VEBO ¡ª¡ª Emitter-Base Voltage¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡9V IC¡ª¡ªCollector Current £¨ DC£ © ¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡4A IC¡ª¡ªCollector Current £¨ Pulse£©¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡8A TO-220 1¨D Base£¬ B 2¨D Collector£¬ C 3¨D Emitter, E IB¡ª¡ª Base Current¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡-¡2A ¨€ µ [ … ]

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KSH13005 PDF Datasheet