K40T1202 PDF – 1200V, 40A – IGBT

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is K40T1202.

This product has IGBT functions.

Manufacturers of product is Infineon.

Image and pinout :

K40T1202 datasheet pinout


K40T1202 PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file

TrenchStop 2 Generation Series ® nd IKW40N120T2 Low Loss DuoPack :            IGBT in 2nd generation TrenchStop® with soft, fast recovery anti-parallel Emitter Controlled Diode C Best in class TO247 Short circuit withstand time – 10s Designed for : – Frequency Converters – Uninterrupted Power Supply TrenchStop® 2nd generation for 1200 V applications offers : – very tight parameter distribution – high ruggedness, temperature stable behavior Easy paralleling capability due to positive temperature coefficient in VCE(sat) Low EMI Low Gate Charge Very soft, fast recovery anti-parallel Emitter Controlled HEDiode Qualified according to JEDEC1 for target applications Pb-free lead plating; RoHS compliant Complete product spectrum and PSpice Models : http://www.infineon.com/igbt/ VCE 1200V IC 40A VCE(sat),Tj=25°C 1.75V Tj,max 175C Marking Code K40T1202 Package PG-TO-247-3 G E PG-TO-247-3 Type IKW40N120T2 Maximum Ratings Parameter Collector- [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.