HT17E13-100 PDF – TFT LCD Module

HT17E13-100 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has TFT LCD Module functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is HT17E13-100.

Manufacturers of the product is BOE HYDIS.

Image and pinout :

HT17E13-100 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

PROPRIETARY NOTE THIS SPECIFICATION IS THE PROPERTY OF BOE HYDIS AND SHALL NOT BE REPRODUCED OR COPIED WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF BOE HYDIS AND MUST BE RETURNED TO BOE HYDIS UPON ITS REQUEST. TITLE: HT17E13-100 Product Specification Rev. C BOE HYDIS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. SPEC. NUMBER S864-1171 B2003-002-B (1/3) PRODUCT GROUP TFT-LCD PRODUCT REV. C ISSUE DATE 2005.02.01 PAGE 1 OF 25 A4 (210 X 297) Free Datasheet PRODUCT GROUP TFT-LCD PRODUCT REV. C ISSUE DATE 2005. 02. 01 REVISION HISTORY REV. 0 A B ECN NO. E405-F017 DESCRIPTION OF CHANGES DATE PREPARED C.Y.CHO C.Y.CHO H.C.JUNG C E502-F001 Initial Release 04.02.02 Change the lamp voltage min rate from 690mim to 04.05.31 560min 1) Change the power sequence 05. 01. 10 2) Change the Response time Spec 3) RoHS Change the Contrast Ratio & Viewing Angle 05. 02. 01 H.C.JUNG SPEC. NUMBER S864-1171 B2003-002-B (2/3) SPEC. TITLE HT17E13-100 Product Specification PAGE 2 OF 25 A4 (210 X 297) F [ … ]

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HT17E13-100 PDF Datasheet