This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is GB15B60KD.

This product has IRGB15B60KD functions.

Manufacturers of product is International Rectifier.

Image and pinout :

GB15B60KD datasheet pinout


GB15B60KD PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file

PD – 94383D INSULATED GATE BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR WITH ULTRAFAST SOFT RECOVERY DIODE C IRGB15B60KD IRGS15B60KD IRGSL15B60KD VCES = 600V IC = 15A, TC=100°C Features • Low VCE (on) Non Punch Through IGBT Technology. • Low Diode VF. • 10µs Short Circuit Capability. • Square RBSOA. • Ultrasoft Diode Reverse Recovery Characteristics. • Positive VCE (on) Temperature Coefficient. G E tsc > 10µs, TJ=150°C Benefits • Benchmark Efficiency for Motor Control. • Rugged Transient Performance. • Low EMI. • Excellent Current Sharing in Parallel Operation. n-channel VCE(on) typ. = 1.8V TO-220AB IRGB15B60KD Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter VCES IC @ TC = 25°C IC @ TC = 100°C ICM ILM IF @ TC = 25°C IF @ TC = 100°C IFM VGE PD @ TC = 25°C PD @ TC = 100°C TJ TSTG Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collector Current Continuous Collector Current Pulsed Collector Current Clamped Inductive Load Current „ Diode Continuous Forward Current Diode Conti [ … ]

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