G8N1 PDF – Ultra-Miniature Automotive PCB Relay

G8N1 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has Ultra-Miniature Automotive PCB Relay functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is G8N1.

Manufacturers of the product is Omron.

Image and pinout :

G8N1 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

Ultra-Miniature Automotive PCB Relay Ultra-Miniature Automotive PCB Relay ■ Compact size ■ High performance PCB relay ■ 25A motor lock load ■ Fully sealed construction ■ Fully automated assembly ■ SPDT contracts ■ Pre-solder as for all terminal ■ PWB pattern design is easy ■ ISO9001/QS9000 series approval Available Types G8N-1 12VDC G8N-1S 12VDC G8N-1L 12VDC G8N-1H 12VDC Type Standard High Sensitivity High Temperature (105°C) High Temperature/High Sensitivity G8N1 Contact Data Max Switching Current Rated Current Max Switching Voltage Contact Material 30A 25A Motor load 16V Silver tin alloy (Cadmium Free) Coil Ratings Type G8N-1 12VDC G8N-1S 12VDC G8N-1L 12VDC G8N-1H 12VDC Coil Resistance 225Ω 180Ω 225Ω 180Ω Pull in Voltage <7.2 <6.5 <7.2 <6.5 Specifications Temperature Range Mechanical Life Electrical Life Weight -40 to +85°C (-1L,-1H: -40 to +105°C) 1,000,000 Operations 100,000 Operations 4.1g G8N1 Application Examples ■ Power windows ■ Powe [ ... ]

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G8N1 PDF Datasheet