FQP20N60 PDF – 20A N-Channel MOSFET

FQP20N60 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has 20A N-Channel MOSFET functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is FQP20N60.

Manufacturers of the product is Oucan Semi.

Image and pinout :

FQP20N60 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

FQP20N60/FQPF20N60 600V,20A N-Channel MOSFET General


Product Summary The FQP20N60 & FQPF20N60 have been fabricated using an advanced high voltage MOSFET process that is designed to deliver high levels of performance and robustness in popular AC-DC applications.By providing low RDS(on), Ciss and Crss along with guaranteed avalanche capability these parts can be adopted quickly into new and existing offline power supply designs. VDS ID (at VGS=10V) RDS(ON) (at VGS=10V) 100% UIS Tested 100% Rg Tested 700V@150℃ 20A < 0.37Ω TO-220 Top View TO-220F D G S Absolute Maximum Ratings TA=25°C unless otherwise noted Parameter Symbol AFQOPT20N60 FQPF20N60 Drain-Source Voltage VDS 600 Gate-Source Voltage VGS ±30 Continuous Drain TC=25°C Current TC=100°C Pulsed Drain Current C Avalanche Current C Repetitive avalanche energy C Single plused avalanche energy G Peak diode recovery dv/dt ID IDM IAR EAR EAS dv/dt 20 20* 12 12* 80 6.5 630 1260 5 TC=25°C Po [ ... ]

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FQP20N60 PDF Datasheet