AMC7135 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has 350mA ADVANCED CURRENT REGULATOR functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is AMC7135.

Manufacturers of the product is ADD Microtech.

Image and pinout :

AMC7135 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

AMC7135 350mA ADVANCED CURRENT REGULATOR DESCRIPTION FEATURES The AMC7135 is a low dropout current regulator rated for 350mA constant sink current. The low quiescent current and low dropout voltage is achieved by advanced Bi-CMOS process. „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ 350mA constant sink current. Output short / open circuit protection. Low dropout voltage. Low quiescent current Supply voltage range 2.7V ~ 6V 2KV HBM ESD protection Advanced Bi-CMOS process. SOT-89 and TO-252 package TYPICAL APPLICATION CIRCUIT APPLICATIONS „ Power LED driver Supply Voltage 2.7V ~ 6V CBP OUT VDD AMC7135 GND PACKAGE PIN OUT VDD GND OUT SOT-89 TO-252 (Top View) VDD GND OUT IOUT PK ORDER INFORMATION SOT-89 3-pin SJ TO-252 3-pin 340-380mA AMC7135PKF AMC7135SJF 300-340mA AMC7135PKFA AMC7135SJFA Note: 1. All surface-mount packages are available in Tape & Reel. Append the letter “T” to part number (i.e. AMC7135PKFAT). 2. The letter ”F” is marked for Lead Fr [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.

AMC7135 PDF Datasheet