6R600P PDF – Power Transistor

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is 6R600P.

This product has Power Transistor functions.

Manufacturers of product is Infineon Technologies.

Image and pinout :

6R600P datasheet pinout


6R600P PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file

CoolMOSTM Power Transistor Features • Lowest figure-of-merit RON x Qg • Ultra low gate charge • Extreme dv/dt rated • High peak current capability • Qualified according to JEDEC1) for target applications • Pb-free lead plating; RoHS compliant Product Summary V DS @ Tj,max R DS(on),max @ Tj =25°C Q g,typ IPB60R600CP 650 V 0.6 Ω 21 nC PG-TO263 CoolMOS CP is designed for: • Hard switching SMPS topologies Type IPB60R600CP Package PG-TO263 Marking 6R600P Maximum ratings, at T j=25 °C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Conditions Continuous drain current Pulsed drain current2) Avalanche energy, single pulse Avalanche energy, repetitive t 2),3) AR Avalanche current, repetitive t 2),3) AR MOSFET dv /dt ruggedness Gate source voltage ID I D,pulse E AS E AR I AR dv /dt V GS T C=25 °C T C=100 °C T C=25 °C I D=2.2 A, V DD=50 V I D=2.2 A, V DD=50 V V DS=0…480 V static AC (f >1 Hz) Power dissipation P tot T C=25 °C Operating and storag [ … ]

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