This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is 29F64G08CBAAA.

This product has MT29F64G08CBAAA functions.

Manufacturers of product is Micron.

Image and pinout :

29F64G08CBAAA datasheet pinout


29F64G08CBAAA PDF Datasheet

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Micron Confidential and Proprietary Advance‡ 64Gb, 128Gb, 256Gb, 512Gb Asynchronous/Synchronous NAND Features NAND Flash Memory MT29F64G08CBAAA, MT29F128G08C[E/F]AAA, MT29F256G08C[J/K/M]AAA, MT29F512G08CUAAA, MT29F64G08CBCAB, MT29F128G08CECAB, MT29F256G08C[K/M]CAB, MT29F512G08CUCAB Features • Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) 2.2-compliant1 • Multiple-level cell (MLC) technology • Organization – Page size x8: 8640 bytes (8192 + 448 bytes) – Block size: 256 pages (2048K + 112K bytes) – Plane size: 2 planes x 2048 blocks per plane – Device size: 64Gb: 4096 blocks; 128Gb: 8192 blocks; 256Gb: 16,384 blocks; 512Gb: 32,786 blocks • Synchronous I/O performance – Up to synchronous timing mode 5 – Clock rate: 10ns (DDR) – Read/write throughput per pin: 200 MT/s • Asynchronous I/O performance – Up to asynchronous timing mode 5 – tRC/tWC: 20ns (MIN) • Array performance – Read page: 50µs (MAX) – Program page: 1300µs (TYP) – Erase block: 3ms (TYP) • Opera [ … ]

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