25Q41BT Datasheet – 4Mb Flash Memory

25Q41BT learn more ( GD25Q41BTIG ) .

This product has 4Mb Flash Memory functions.

This is one of Memory IC. This part name is 25Q41BT.

The package is SOP 8 Pin.

Manufacturers of the product is GigaDevice.

Image :

25Q41BT datasheet


Description :

GigaDevice GD25Q41BTIG 4Mb SPI NOR Flash 2.7V-3.6V SOP8 (150mm). With read speed up to 120MHz and Standard/Dual/Quad I/O operations, GigaDevice SPI NOR Flash supports higher data transfer speed of 240Mbit/s for Dual SPI and 480Mbit/s for Quad SPI.

GigaDevice products have the merits of low power consumption with as low as 1uA standby current, high reliability with 20 years data retention and 100,000 Program/Erase cycles, and with wide operating temperature range from ­40°C~+85°C.
GigaDevice advanced security features are designed to meet the demand from a variety of consumers including DVD/CD drives, STB, DPF, Desktop and Notebook PCs, DVD Recorders, WLAN, DSL, LCD Monitors, Flat Panel TV, Printers, GPS, MP3 and more.

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1. 4M-bit Serial Flash
– 512K-byte
– 256 bytes per programmable page
2. Standard, Dual, Quad SPI
– Standard SPI: SCLK, CS#, SI, SO, WP#, HOLD#
– Dual SPI: SCLK, CS#, IO0, IO1, WP#, HOLD#
– Quad SPI: SCLK, CS#, IO0, IO1, IO2, IO3
3. High Speed Clock Frequency
– 104MHz for fast read with 30PF load
– Dual I/O Data transfer up to 208Mbits/s
– Quad I/O Data transfer up to 416Mbits/s
4. Software/Hardware Write Protection
– Write protect all/portion of memory via software
– Enable/Disable protection with WP# Pin

Please refer to the file for details.


25Q41BT Datasheet


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