04N70BF-H PDF – AP04N70BF-H

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is 04N70BF-H.

This product has AP04N70BF-H functions.

Manufacturers of product is Advanced Power Electronics.

Image and pinout :

04N70BF-H datasheet pinout


04N70BF-H PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file

AP04N70BF-H Pb Free Plating Product Advanced Power Electronics Corp. ▼ Dynamic dv/dt Rating ▼ Repetitive Avalanche Rated ▼ Fast Switching ▼ Simple Drive Requirement ▼ RoHS Compliant N-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE POWER MOSFET D BVDSS RDS(ON) ID 700V 2.4Ω 4A G S


AP04N70 series are specially designed as main switching devices for universal 90~265VAC off-line AC/DC converter applications. TO-220FM type provide high blocking voltage to overcome voltage surge and sag in the toughest power system with the best combination of fast switching,ruggedized design and cost-effectiveness. The TO-220FM package is universally preferred for all commercialindustrial applications. The device is suited for switch mode power supplies ,DC-AC converters and high current high speed switching circuits. G D S TO-220FM Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol VDS VGS ID@TC=25℃ ID@TC=100℃ IDM PD@TC=25℃ EAS IAR EAR TSTG TJ Parameter Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Dra [ … ]

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