LA78141 – Vertical Deflection IC, ZIP 7 Pin – Sanyo

LA78141 – Vertical Deflection IC, ZIP 7 Pin – Sanyo

Part Number

LA78141, LA78141-E


Sanyo Semiconductor ( ), Onsemi Conductor


TO-220-7H Plastic Type

Product Image

LA78141 vertical deflection ic


Vertical Deflection IC, Vertical Output, Vertical Drive, Pump-up

The LA78141 is a vertical deflection output IC for high image quality TV and CRT displays

that supports the use of a bus control system signal-processing IC. The sawtooth waveform from the bus control system signal-processing IC can directly drive the deflection yoke (including the DC component). Color TV vertical deflection system adjustment functions can be controlled over a bus system by connecting the LA78141N to a Sanyo LA768X series or LA769XX series bus control system signal-processing IC.



LA78141 circuit


  1. Invertin Input
  2. VCC
  3. Pump Up Out
  4. Gnd
  5. Ver.Out
  6. Output Stage VCC
  7. Non Inv.Input Multimedia Misc – Vertical Output IC

LA78141 pinout

Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25’C

1. Pump-up block supply voltage : +B2 max = 37.5V

2. Output block supply voltage : +B6 max = 77V

3. Allowable power dissipation : Pd max = 9W ( With an infinite heat sink )


LA78141 Datasheet

LA78141 datasheet pdf
[ LA78141 PDF ]