This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is SRA-12VDC-CL.

This product has RELAY functions.

Manufacturers of product is Songle.

Image and pinout :

SRA-12VDC-CL datasheet pinout

SRA-12VDC-CL PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file

RELAY ISO9002 1. MAIN FEATURES Subminiature, Light Weight Big Gap Type Available for Heavy Motor Load Switching Improved Resistance to Shock and Vibration High Contact Current Capacity Automotive-Oriented design 2. APPLICATIONS Interval Wipers Door Lock Window Lifter Alarm System Wiper Motor Reverse Automatic Mirror Adjustment Fuel Pump Control Belt Tension Adjustment 3. ORDERING INFORMATION SRA XX VDC Model of relay SRA Nominal coil voltage 03,05,06,09,12,18,24VDC Contact form A:1 form A C:1 form C C Coil sensitivity L:0.60W D:0.80W L 4. RATING 20A/125VAC 14VDC UL/CUL FILE NUMBER: E167996 10A/125VAC 14VDC 5. DIMENSION(unit:mm) DRILLING(unit:mm) WIRING DIAGRAM 1 http:// 6. COIL DATA CHART (AT20 C) Coil Sensitivity Coil Coil Nominal Nominal Power Pull-In Drop-Out Max-Allowable Voltage Voltage Current Resistance Consumption Voltage Voltage Voltage Code (VDC) (mA) (W) (VDC) (VDC) (VDC) (Ω) ±10% 3 200 15 03 5 120 42 05 High abt. 0.6 75% 10% Min. 110% 06 [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.