PS331 PDF – Programmable SMBus/I2C Smart Battery ic With Packet Error Checking

PS331 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has Programmable SMBus/I2C Smart Battery ic With Packet Error Checking functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is PS331.

Manufacturers of the product is Power Smart.

Image and pinout :

PS331 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

Preliminary PS331 Multichemistry Smart Battery Monitor Features Pin


• Performs all major Li Ion, NiMH battery monitoring and reporting functions 28 VDSS 1 SWITCH 27 2 EE-SCK SMB-CLK providing up to 1% accuracy in capacity 26 3 EE-f CS SMB-DTA measurement VREFT LED 1 4 PS331 25 • Additional output pin for over voltage or 24 5 VNTC LED 2 over temperature safety fuse operation 23 6 VCELL1 LED 3 (SAFEOUT) 22 VASS1 LED 4 7 21 VCELL2 SAFEOUT 8 • Fully compliant with industry standard 20 9 VCELL3 VDDD Smart Battery Data Specification V1.1a 19 VCELL4 EE-SI 10 – SMBus V1.1 with PEC/CRC-8 18 11 VADD EE-SI/SO communication with system host 17 12 VSHP OSCIN 16 VSHM OSCOUT 13 • High accuracy measurement of charge / 15 VASS2 VREG 14 discharge current, voltage, and 0.209 mil SSOP temperature with on-chip 14-bit integrating 28-PIN Package A/D • Precise capacity reporting for all lithium Pin Summary and nickel chemistries using PowerSmart Pin Name Function pa [ … ]

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PS331 PDF Datasheet