MA6216 PDF – (MA6116 / MA6216) RADIATION HARD 2048 x 8 BIT STATIC RAM

MA6216 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has (MA6116 / MA6216) RADIATION HARD 2048 x 8 BIT STATIC RAM functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is MA6216.

Manufacturers of the product is GEC PLESSEY.

Image and pinout :

MA6216 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

MA6116 & MA6216 MARCH 1995 DS3582-3.1 MA6116 & MA6216 RADIATION HARD 2048 x 8 BIT STATIC RAM The MA6116 16k Static RAM is configured as 2048 x 8 bits and manufactured using CMOS-SOS high performance, radiation hard, 3µm technology. The MA6216 is manufactured using 2.5µm technology resulting in faster performance. The design uses a 6 transistor cell and has full static operation with no clock or timing strobe required. Address input buffers are deselected when chip select is in the HIGH state. Operation Mode Read Write Write Standby CS L L L H OE WE L H L X H L L X I/O D OUT D IN D IN High Z ISB2 ISB1 Power FEATURES s 3µm CMOS-SOS Technology s Latch-up Free s Fast Access Time 110ns (MA6116) and 85ns (MA6216) Typical s Total Dose 106 Rad(Si) s Transient Upset >1010 Rad(Si)/sec s SEU <10-10 Errors/bitday s Single 5V Supply s Three State Output s Low Standby Current 100µA Typical s -55°C to +125°C Operation s TTL and CMOS Compatible Inputs s Fully Static Operation Figure 1: Truth [ ... ]

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MA6216 PDF Datasheet