HX8N60 PDF – N-Channel MOSFET

HX8N60 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has N-Channel MOSFET functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is HX8N60.

Manufacturers of the product is HX.

Image and pinout :

HX8N60 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

HX8N60 7.6 Amps,600Volts N-Channel MOSFET ■


The HX8N60 is a high voltage MOSFET and is designed to have better characteristics, such as fast switching time, low gate charge, low on-state resistance and have a high rugged avalanche characteristics. This power MOSFET is usually usually used at high speed switching applications in power supplies .PWM motor controls, high efficient DC to DC converters and bridge circuits. ■ Features ● RDS(ON)=1.2Ω@VGS=10V ● Ultra Low gate charge(typical 28nC) ● Low reverse transfer capacitance(Crss=typical 12.0pF) ● Fast switching capability ● Avalanche energy tested ● Improved dv/dt capability,high ruggedness ■ Symbol Power MOSFET ■ Ordering Information Order Number Normal Lead Free Plating HX8N60-TA3-T HX8N60L-TA3-T HX8N60-TF3-T HX8N60L-TF3-T Note:Pin Assignment: G:Gate D:Drain S:Source HX8N60L-TA3-T (1)Packing Type (2)Package Type (3)Lead Plating Package TO-220 TO-220F Pin Assignment 123 GD S [ … ]

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HX8N60 PDF Datasheet